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Learning isn’t just done in the class room

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Airborn is about fun and fitness.

What better way to learn new skills than with school friends. At Airborn we promote teamwork, communication and physical activity, students won’t even realise there being schooled. We take care of the program be it for beginners or the more advanced and make it FUN.  If you are a PE teacher reading this, give us a call. 

With the raise of screen time we need to take charge of physical activity through education. Let’s get those arms and legs a pumpin and a jumpin’ and bouncin and flippin. Our English may be a little off but you get the drift. 

Our packages can be customised to meet your needs and we want to work with your school. So give us a call and let’s start organising your next great excursion/term program.



We have different packages available from once off to multiple sessions, so let us take your though the options and costs. You are coming mid-week so that’s a win to begin with. Jokes aside, we want this to be a win win and get those hearts a racing. Call us.

When is school in? If you are open, we are open to having you come on in to Airborn. All days are subject to availability so get in early.

We have no barriers to organising a visits to Airborn, all school kids are welcome from kindergarten to high school no matter what the skill level. Did someone say inclusive, you beat they did.