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Safety First

Passion Progression Precaution

Precaution is one of our big three values. At Airborn we pride ourselves on being an enjoyable place to visit with family and friends whilst also being very safe. Naturally, jumping on trampolines, becoming a ninja warrior and climbing up walls comes with inherent risks. But you can rest assured that measures such as daily inspections and supervision by our trained staff are in place to keep you safe.

Airborn Host running a Game of Dodgeball

General Rules

One Person Per Trampoline

aka. No double bouncing. We have plenty of trampolines at Airborn which means a lot of space to jump. So lets space out a bit and avoid those head collisions. 

Do Not Run/Jump/Land On The Paddings

The paddings can be very easy to trip on if you jump/land on them and they aren’t as soft as the trampolines.

Follow Directions By The Airborn Staff

We are experts when it comes to trampoline safety. If a staff member asks you not to do something, it’s probably because we don’t want you to hurt yourself or someone else.

Only Try Tricks Within Your Skill Level

We are happy for you to try new tricks but make sure you are only doing what you are comfortable with. If you want to try a double backflip but are still figuring out how to do a single backflip. It’ll maybe be best to try something else.

Airborn Socks Must Be Worn

As funny as it may be to watch people fall over. Our specially designed Airborn Grip socks will stop that from happening.

Keep Food And Drinks Off The Courts

We know the food and drinks from our cafe can be irresistible but let’s consume it at a table rather than on the trampolines.

All Children Under 12 Must Be Supervised By An Adult

Although our staff are watching out for their safety and helping them have fun. A parent/guardian should remain present should we need to contact them. Who doesn’t want to watch their kids have fun?

Area Specific Rules

  • Jumpers must be 110cm.
  • Only get on and fall from walls you know how to ‘wall run’ on
  • Ensure nobody is on the trampoline before jumping off the walls.
  • No lifting or helping others up onto the walls.
  • One person at a time is permitted to jump into the airbag,(wait until the person in front of you exits the bag before you jump in).
  • Exit the airbag towards the back. 
  • Land safely on your bum or your back.
  • Remove all objects from pockets before jumping in
  • Keep Soft Play blocks off the trampolines.
  • Watch out for other jumpers, big and small.
  • Do not climb or sit on the paddings surrounding the court. 
  • Maximum of 10 players in a team.
  • If a ball hits you, you are out.
  • If you catch a ball thrown by the other team the person who threw the ball is out.
  •  The umpire’s call is final and will have instructions on how to rejoin the game.
  • Do not hang on the basketball rings or support bars.
  • Only try dunks within your skill level.
  • Minimum height of 125cm and closed toed shoes must be worn to use equipment in ninja warrior.
  • One person at a time per obstacle.
  • Stay within your skill level.