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We all love birthday parties, why not do it in style by getting some AIR on the day you were BORN!

At Airborn we offer 3 different party packages which are designed to entertain party goers of any age. We have space to cater for a party of 50 or more if needed, so with plenty of room comes plenty of fun for everyone! All packages are fully customizable to suit all your party’s needs. We want your birthday to be one you will remember forever, so book now! 


Cadet Party Logo

Junior parties are specially designed to entertain the tiniest of thrill-seekers as they jump around and explore our junior friendly areas at Airborn. Our Friendly party hosts will organise fun games and activities tailored to suit our junior jumpers to keep them happy and engaged throughout the whole party.
JUMP-TIME: 45 mins
PRICE: $32 per person

Our Junior Parties are designed for young children aged between 2 – 5.



Lunar Party Logo

The Lunar package would have the party jump through ALL of Airborns most entertaining areas including our Elite Area, Airbag, Slam Dunk and Dodgeball. Give your kids a party they will remember for the rest of their lives.
PRICE: $35 per person

Our Lunar Parties are designed for children aged between 5 – 8.



Elite Party Logo

Are you looking for a party that offers a little more? The Elite Package is the ultimate party experience where jumpers will compete in competition-based games! This package contains more food and more fun to suit all the energy filled jumpers.
PRICE: $38 per person

Our Elite Parties are designed for people aged 9 – Adult!



Party invitations will be sent to you in an email after the confirmation of the party so you can send to all of your party guests. Alternatively, you can click below to download them!


  • A non-refundable 50% deposit is required when booking that special occasion. Full payment is required PRIOR to the party.
  • Our party Co-Ordinator will confirm all details with you one week before the party including the preferred package, date/time, number of jumpers, parent platters and any other information we need to make the day special.
  • We cannot allow self-catering (with the exception of a birthday cake).
  • Be sure to arrive around 30 minutes before the party start time to allow for traffic, parking and greeting guests.
  • The party will be greeted in the meet up area before heading to the trampolines on the hour for their play.

     Following this the party will have access to a private party room for 35 mins for food/cake. 

  • Guests must be over 110cm to use our Elite Trampolines 
  • Guests must be over 125cm and have closed-toed lace up shoes to use our Ninja Warrior Course.

We all love birthday parties, so why not celebrate your special day by getting some AIR on the day you were BORN!

At Airborn we offer 3 different party packages designed to entertain party goers of all ages.