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Elite Program

The Elite Program focuses on developing trampoline-based skills. The program is designed for people aged 5 and above to progress their skills anywhere from a first time trampolinist to a master of ariel movement. Our certified coaches are trained to assess the skill levels of each student and teach relevant skills in a safe environment. The coaches will develop their own programs based on each participants needs and skills levels to ensure each participant is progressing.

By signing up to the Elite Program the students will be granted FREE access to the venue (during the school term), to practice the skills they learned in class.


Class Details

  • Class duration 1 hour
  • Maximum of 5 people per class
  • The program costs $22 per week
  • Classes run between 4pm and 6pm Monday through to Friday
  • Free access to the venue during the school term.


At the commencement of class the coaches will take the students to the trampolines for some fundamental warm up exercises and some stretches. 

Following this, the students will have the ability to get one-on-one advice on the tricks/movements they would like to learn. The coaches will run drills focusing on improving technique and learning new skills to progress the students onto more advanced movements in a safe environment.

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