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Elite Area

Elite Area At Airborn

Prepare yourselves for some serious airtime in our Elite Area. These trampolines have extra kick in them and will send you flying sky high. We recommend all jumpers to be over the height of 110cm in this area. 

Airborn features 9 high performance trampolines including 2 5×5 super tramps. As well as this Airborn has a vast selection of walls ranging from heights as small as 1 metre progressively getting higher all the way up to our highest wall standing at over 3 meters tall! Our awesome hosts will show you the art of tramp-wall and give you tips to level up your wall run.

It is the perfect place to test your skills and get an adrenaline rush. Do you think you can bounce high enough to conquer the walls? Book Now to put your skills to the test! 

Airborn Elite Area containing 2 super tramps and 7 Elite Walls

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