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Dodgeball Court At Airborn Airpark

3.. 2.. 1.. DODGEBALL!

Gather your team of family, friends or work colleagues and prepare yourselves for our adrenaline pumping games of dodgeball. Dodgeball is a great way to bring your skills to the next level and experience the rush of soaring through the air while dodging incoming balls… It’s also a good way to exert all that unused energy.

Whether you are a pro player or playing for the first time, the games our umpires run welcomes players of all skill levels to an exciting challenge that will elevate your experience to new heights and have you coming back for more.


Join us in a game of Dodgeball – where gravity meets playfulness, and every jump is a step towards victory. Do you think you have what it takes to win our dodgeball tournaments? Book now to find out.

dodgeball game at Airborn airpark
Child Throwing Dodgeball

How To Play

– Players are arranged into 2 equal teams. (10 players maximum per team).

– The aim of the game is to throw balls at the players in the opposing team and be the last team standing.

– You need to try dodge incoming balls thrown at you by the other team. If a ball hits your body, you are out. 

– If you catch a ball thrown by the other team the person who threw the ball is out.

– Your team wins once you manage to tag out all the players in the opposing team.

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